Spring Chirstening Cake for Girl

I dropped my beloved laptop a few weeks ago. It was all my fault. No one else to blame but me.

The laptop was sitting on the kitchen counter one evening, I was watching TV while I did some chore around kitchen. (yes, I can multi-tasks, or so I thought.) But its battery was running low, so I plugged it in. Plug was one side of kitchen counter, laptop on the other side. Its cable hanging between counters, very dangerously. I knew I had to be careful.

But I was moving around the kitchen busily, and I stepped onto the charger cable without looking. Then that was that.

The laptop bravely blinked a few time, made some groaning noise. I could see it was trying so hard to work, but failed.

My husband is kindly trying to fix it. He managed to keep all the things I wanted to keep from it. Hopefully with new hard disc, it will work again, thanks to him. x

Meanwhile, I am using my kids’ laptop, which was my old laptop. (It got really slow, and my husband put new software with a few programmes for kids) It is a bit awkward, without Office and some other programmes I am use to having.

Anyhow, that is the excuse of not putting any posts for ages.
Well, I made many things during this period, and those post will come one by one, now that I manage to figure out how to use this PC.


This cake was order from a family of my friend. It is for a girl’s Christening, which took place on this Sunday.


Inside is gluten free Victoria sponge with vanilla butter icing and raspberry jam.


I made flower and butterflies as requested. The flower is made of flower paste (gum paste), and butterflies are royal icing pipe out.


I erased the name, but the left initial here to show what kind of writing I used.

I made this style of flower for first time, and quite happy with the result.


I think it was Spring-ly and lovely.
If I had a girl, I’d be happily making so many pink cakes like this. Well, it was a lovely to make such a girly cake for once. (and now, I am going back to making my boy’s world book day costume, with blue and brown.)


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