Strawberry Iced Fingers

Iced fingers are sweet oval shape bread, coated with white icing sugar paste. Sometime, it is also topped with desiccate coconuts. It is quite simple bun, plain but scrumptious.

My 4 years old son love anything ‘iced’. One day after seeing me making lemon icing for biscuits, he came up with interesting idea for icing.
He wanted to make strawberry icing. While I was wondering if I can make strawberry icing without strawberry flavoring, perhaps using strawberry jam, he told me to ‘squish strawberry and use strawberry juice to make icing’.

Why did I not ever thought of that? I do lemon icing with lemon juice and icing sugar, but never ever thought of making strawberry icing with fresh strawberry.


So, as he requested, I made strawberry puree by just putting fresh strawberries in blender, and added some icing sugar to right consistency. The icing smelled so lovely and the colour was nice pink without adding any colouring.

P1100440-2You can use any sweet enriched bread recipe, and add icing of your choice on top. But if you are not familiar with iced fingers, BBC Food’s Paul Hollywood’s one will be good one to try.

(But I would reduce the yeast to half, just 6 or 7g, instead of 2x7g, and take longer bulk fermentation. )

P1100445-2It will be much more decadent if you split them in half and fill with whipped cream. But make sure you only fill the ones you going to eat straight away. Because if any left, cream needs to be in fridge but bread shouldn’t be chilled.

Strawberry iced fingers were nice as it is, or just with butter anyway.

The creator of this icing enjoyed his bun very much. yum!


8 thoughts on “Strawberry Iced Fingers

    1. Yes, any kids who loves pink will like those. I thought it is nice that to have such a lovely pink colour without a help of food colouring. And smell was really fresh and nice too! 🙂

    1. Iced fingers are sold in many bakery here. It’s a nice snack bread. My local bakery sell, plain iced one, coconuts one, and almond ones. Then they also have cream ones with jam. 🙂 Yum!

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