Princess Belle Doll Cake

This is a cake I made last month for a 4 years old girl, as a birthday present.

I have seen this type of cake before online, and loved to try it, but as I havn’t got any girls on my family, I haven’t got any opportunity until recently.

As I saw my friend’s daugther playing with her barbie, and hearing that she dressed up as a princess for her school’s fancy dress event, I thought the doll cake will be great for her birthday this year. Well, it is a cake and a doll, so it should be a hit with 4 years old, isn’t it?


I bought a Belle swimming doll (usual doll, but had swim wear on) at the shop, and wrapped her up in cling film and tin foil. Then build a cake around her leg to make dress.


I have to say, my icing job here isn’t great at detail. My whole effort was spent to shape the sponge into a big skirt shape, and covering it with icing somehow. Hopefully I’ll do better job if I got a chance to make one again.


Inside of the skirt is vanilla victoria sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla butter icing.
The dress is made out of fondant icing.

I was pleased to hear that the birthday girl was very happy with the cake and she played with the doll after eating the cake. Well, if the birthday girl was happy, my job is done!


7 thoughts on “Princess Belle Doll Cake

    1. Thank you, Josette. I love beauty and beast as well. The birthday girl had a belle costume, so I thought it would be good. 🙂 But apparently, she is into Frozen now…

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