Olaf Birthday Cake

A good friend of mine asked me to make cakes for her son’s 4th birthday. He likes Olaf from the movie Frozon, and she wanted to have Olaf on his cakes.
She needed two cakes. One is for her family to have on the weekend, and one is to take to his pre-school, as it is common to take a cake to school on child’s birthday here. (Even grown up takes cakes or treats to their work place on their birthday, which I found a bit odd at first.)

And this is the one I made for his school.


It’s a simple Victoria sponge, sandwiched with vanilla butter frosting, covered with fondant icing. I think simple is best for school, as a busy teacher/classroom assistant needs to cut a cake into many small equal squares without kids fighting over which bit they want, and vanilla or chocolate is safe bet for small children. (And no nuts are allowed at school. )


I decorated the cake with small fondant Olaf I made, blue sugar crystal on his name and ‘4th’ bit, and sugar snowflakes around the bottom. All to make this simple cake ‘Frozen’ worthy.


I don’t often make fondant character, but this small Olaf was simple enough to make myself. (I only can say that because I made bigger Olaf before making this version.) Various video tutorials on line were really helpful.

Hope you enjoy the weekend, and Fiesta Friday 67.
Darrr…. I know it’s already Saturday night, hopefully I will be able to post right on Friday next time. There are so many great posts already up on the FF site, which is a good reason to joining in late on Saturday…
Thanks Angie for hosting as usual, and another big thanks to  Caroline @Caroline’s Cooking and Jess @Cooking Is My Sport for being co-hosts this week.

I will post a different Olaf cake on next post. Wait and See. 🙂


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