Fresh Coconut Cake

I didn’t intend to abandon this blog for so long. I meant to put some cakes I baked for ages but I haven’t got around to it. There are many excuses,  but one big change is now I post on my  Facebook page (Link on my sidebar, if you are interested to see what I am up to) if I am just posting a picture of a cake I baked. It is quicker and suits me at the moment.

But I am back here today!! Because I got a recipe I want to introduce.

It was one of my little baker’s wonderful idea.
One day I sent my husband and my wee boy to get something I needed at supermarket, and they came back with a coconut. (and things I asked to buy, of cause)


We checked the instruction on how to break it, and got nice fresh coconut.
Fresh coconuts is so moist and milky, much nicer than desiccate coconuts in a packet.

My son had some ideas to what he wanted to use this coconut, so we followed his first instruction, which was ‘mixing coconuts with melted chocolate and fresh cherry’.
I told him it might not work, and it did and didn’t in a way. (tasted very nice but was bit soft)

Second idea of his was simply ‘making a cake’.
So, we followed a recipe by Delia Smith. And the cake was so nice that I actually went to buy another coconut to make this cake again.


Yum yum yum…. It was good.

The recipe below is slightly changed from the original recipe in above link.

Fresh Coconut Cake

  • Servings: 8-12
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

For the cake:
finely grated fresh coconut…75g
self-raising flour………175g
baking powder…..1 rounded teaspoon
egg…..3 (L size)
butter (soft, room tempature)….175g
golden caster sugar……………….175g
vanilla extract………………..1tsp

For frosting:
fromage frais……….200g
lime zest……………..1/2 lime
golden caster sugar……1tbs

freshly grated coconuts…..60g or so.

Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 3, 170C (325°F).
Line two 20cm tin.


  1. First of all, push a skewer or nail into the 3 holes in the top of the coconut and drain out the milk.
  2. Then place the coconut in a polythene bag and sit it on a hard surface – a stone floor or an outside paving stone. Then give it a whack with a hammer – hitting natural line you can see on the coconut will help.
  3. Now remove the pieces from the bag and, using a cloth to protect your hands, praise the top of a knife between the nut and the shell.
  4. Now discard the shell and take off the inner skin using a potato peeler. The coconut is now ready to use.
  5. Grate coconut flesh is with the grating disc of a food processor or a hand grater. I used a hand grater, fine grate side.
  6. Cream butter and sugar till pale. Add egg little by little, mixing each time very well.(Original recipe uses all in one method, if you prefer that way, you can do that. I always prefer going step by step.)
  7. Add sieved flour and baking power to the mix.
  8. Add grated coconuts and milk, make sure it is nice soft consistency.
  9. Divide cake mix into two 20cm tins, bake for 25-35min, till a skewer comes out clean.
  10. Leave cakes till cool. While it is cooling, make the frosting, by mixing all the ingredients for frosting except coconuts. (Original recipe puts coconuts in the frosting)
  11. Cover the cake with frosting, and coat it with coconuts completely. (original recipe cuts each cake into 2, so that you get 4 layer cake. It will be creamy and nice, but mind you, the cake sponge contains grated coconut and it is a bit messy when you try to slice it.)



2 thoughts on “Fresh Coconut Cake

  1. What a lovely cake! It looks so fluffy and feathery when coated the with coconut. The icing sound very delicious and not too sweet as well! Those were two very good fresh coconut ideas from your son 🙂 (And pleased to see you back!)

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