Chocolate Passion fruit Cake

I made four different chocolate cakes in last couple of week, using all different recipes. Some for friend’s and family’s birthdays and some for just to eat as my friends who came for tea. A perfect chocolate sponge recipe for a birthday cake is a thing I am searching for many years, and I am still not set on one. (If you have an absolute favourite, please do give me the recipe!)

I made this cake once nearly two years ago for my husband’s birthday, and I remembered that I thought this might be ‘the one’.  So I tried a few times more with different creams and then I forgotten about it.

When I thought about a birthday cake for a friend of mine a few weeks ago, I remembered this cake. It’s a recipe from a BBC bake off winner, Jo Wheatley, and you can get the recipe here.


This is a chocolate sponge cake with cream cheese + passion fruit frosting. It is quite sweet but the passion fruit give a nice sharpness. A real treat for a birthday party.


In original recipe linked above, the sponge is baked in a 20cm tin and sliced into three. But I used two of 18cm tin, and slice a cake into two to get four layer. I also pipe the cream with a large round nozzle to decorate.

I thought this is a perfect cake for grown-up party, but in fact, my kids and friend’s grand-children enjoyed it, too. As long as you like a passion fruit, this cake is a wonderful treat for a special occasion.


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