Magic Wand Pop

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The Magic Wand (or fairly wand? ) which I made for Christmas Fair of my son’s last school. (See Snow man pop about that)

Since I made the snow man pops last year as well, I wanted to make something new to bring to the fair. I thought and thought, and I came up with this idea.

I made lots of star shape biscuits, simple vanilla flavour cut out type, and iced using royal icing. When icing was dry, I used cake pop stick and sandwiched two biscuits together with while chocolate in the middle.

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The idea was that it is easy to buy and eat at the fair, and something a bit different from cup cakes and tray-bakes.

I was happy with results. Simple but cute.

This was how my Christmas baking kicked off in early December.

(Dec 2013)




Snowman Pop

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I made those Snowman Pops( and Magic Wands, about which I will write later)  for my first son’s ex-school’s Christmas Fair.
He moved from that school to his new school from this September, but we love the school so much that we want to get involved in the school’s event and fundraising.
The school hosts this Christmas Fair every year, selling school kids’ crafts and gardening products, as well as home made cakes and tray-bakes which parents made.

I made snow man pop cakes last year for this event, and it was popular. By the time we went to the fair, it was all sold and I couldn’t buy one myself to give it to my wee son. So, I made it again this year, with a bit of alternation.

Last year, snow man’s body contained tiny marshmallows, hiding within cake crumbs and butter icing mixture. Head was simple mix of cake crumbs and butter icing.

This year, I made the head as usual, and I didn’t bother making the body. I just used 1 normal size marshmallow as a body.

It was much simpler and looked good.

The snow men are covered with white chocolate, and each got a hat made of strawberry chocolate and mini marshmallow, white chocolate drop nose, and some cake decorations buttons.
Hands, eyes, mouth are made of dark chocolate.

I couldn’t go to the fair myself, as my second son was having chicken pox that time.
My husband delivered the snow men and the magic wands to the fair. I do hope they sold well, but if they didn’t, I am sure that someone in the school enjoyed them.

(Dec 2013)