3D Olaf Cake

I had a few wonderful surprises last couple of days.

First of all, my birthday was a few days ago (that is not really a surprise I know when my birthday is), my boys baked me a cake. It wasn’t completely a surprise as my wee one couldn’t contain his excitement, told me that he was going to bake a cake for me with his dad.


It was lovely butter cake with whipped cream mixed with jam, and topped with lots of berries. We had this cake as a dessert at the end of my wonderful birthday. Thank you, D.

Then, when I went to my local green grocer next day, they already knew that my birthday was a day before, as my husband and wee son went there to get some strawberry to put on the cake.
We chatted about this and that as usual while I shopped. Then by the time I was ready to go, a stuff of the shop came back in with a nice bunch of flower for me.
I lost for words for a second, it was such a wonderful shock. They gave me the flower to wish me a happy birthday. It was their ‘thanks’ for the cake I made for their 20th business anniversary last month, but still, it was very kind of them.

Thirdly, last night, we had a big surprise in our garden. A little hedgehog was in our garden!!
Well, you may have your resident hedgehogs or foxes or something else bigger (deer? bear?) in your garden, but our house is a semi-detach with not so big back garden on a busy street with lots of cats and dogs in the middle of East Belfast. Although we try to encourage wildlife in our garden,  things who visit our little garden are usually just bugs, bees and birds. (and some occasional mice my cat catches. )
We are soooooo excited and happy to see this little visitor. Hope he/she stay nearby.


Now, back to my baking. In the last post, I mentioned that I made not one but two Olaf cakes last month.
Here is the second one! (In fact, this was the first one I made, but as this one is noticeably bigger than another one, I am posting this later…. you know… )




This was a request from my friend. She showed me a picture of 3D Olaf she found on web, and asked if I could make something like that.

Could I?

Well, I had never made 3D cake like this…

I checked web and I found instruction from this site here. (Yener’s Way ‘s free tutorial)
And decided to give it a go.

I didn’t follow the exact instruction word to word, but the tutorial is very good, and it helped me to make him somehow.


Base is vanilla Victoria and vanilla butter cream. I used fondant and then royal icing to give him texture as it was on the tutorial.

I used a 30cm threaded bar with 6mm nuts. It does sound like DIY project not cake making, but I did needed those stuff to make him standing. I cut normal drinking straw and used it to cover the threaded bar.

Eyes, eye blows, buttons, nose are made with fondant or flower paste.
I used black, ready colored icing bought at the shop.

His hair and hands are made of chocolate covering spaghetti for strength.


When my friend came to pick him up, she was shocked to see he was as big as he was!
She liked him very much, but in fact, he was a bit too big and too heavy to be transported safely at the back of her car. She had to come back again with her husband to pick him up, and she needed to hold him all the way home.

I made him according to size of threaded bar, so he was about 40cm tall. (Original tutorial’s guide size looked much bigger.)
Well, this Olaf had an impact for sure…but he needed to get to the house in one piece. So next time, I shall make any 3D cakes much smaller in order to transport it safely.

Well, in the end, Olaf got home safely, and I heard that the birthday boy was happy with this Olaf. 🙂 Happy birthday boy means my job was done!

And I am bringing this to Fiesta Friday 68, right on Friday this week! Yay!
Thank you to Angie and this week’s co-hosts Justine @ Eclectic odds n sods and Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook.

Have a nice weekend!


Olaf Birthday Cake

A good friend of mine asked me to make cakes for her son’s 4th birthday. He likes Olaf from the movie Frozon, and she wanted to have Olaf on his cakes.
She needed two cakes. One is for her family to have on the weekend, and one is to take to his pre-school, as it is common to take a cake to school on child’s birthday here. (Even grown up takes cakes or treats to their work place on their birthday, which I found a bit odd at first.)

And this is the one I made for his school.


It’s a simple Victoria sponge, sandwiched with vanilla butter frosting, covered with fondant icing. I think simple is best for school, as a busy teacher/classroom assistant needs to cut a cake into many small equal squares without kids fighting over which bit they want, and vanilla or chocolate is safe bet for small children. (And no nuts are allowed at school. )


I decorated the cake with small fondant Olaf I made, blue sugar crystal on his name and ‘4th’ bit, and sugar snowflakes around the bottom. All to make this simple cake ‘Frozen’ worthy.


I don’t often make fondant character, but this small Olaf was simple enough to make myself. (I only can say that because I made bigger Olaf before making this version.) Various video tutorials on line were really helpful.

Hope you enjoy the weekend, and Fiesta Friday 67.
Darrr…. I know it’s already Saturday night, hopefully I will be able to post right on Friday next time. There are so many great posts already up on the FF site, which is a good reason to joining in late on Saturday…
Thanks Angie for hosting as usual, and another big thanks to  Caroline @Caroline’s Cooking and Jess @Cooking Is My Sport for being co-hosts this week.

I will post a different Olaf cake on next post. Wait and See. 🙂

Princess Belle Doll Cake

This is a cake I made last month for a 4 years old girl, as a birthday present.

I have seen this type of cake before online, and loved to try it, but as I havn’t got any girls on my family, I haven’t got any opportunity until recently.

As I saw my friend’s daugther playing with her barbie, and hearing that she dressed up as a princess for her school’s fancy dress event, I thought the doll cake will be great for her birthday this year. Well, it is a cake and a doll, so it should be a hit with 4 years old, isn’t it?


I bought a Belle swimming doll (usual doll, but had swim wear on) at the shop, and wrapped her up in cling film and tin foil. Then build a cake around her leg to make dress.


I have to say, my icing job here isn’t great at detail. My whole effort was spent to shape the sponge into a big skirt shape, and covering it with icing somehow. Hopefully I’ll do better job if I got a chance to make one again.


Inside of the skirt is vanilla victoria sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla butter icing.
The dress is made out of fondant icing.

I was pleased to hear that the birthday girl was very happy with the cake and she played with the doll after eating the cake. Well, if the birthday girl was happy, my job is done!

Spring Chirstening Cake for Girl

I dropped my beloved laptop a few weeks ago. It was all my fault. No one else to blame but me.

The laptop was sitting on the kitchen counter one evening, I was watching TV while I did some chore around kitchen. (yes, I can multi-tasks, or so I thought.) But its battery was running low, so I plugged it in. Plug was one side of kitchen counter, laptop on the other side. Its cable hanging between counters, very dangerously. I knew I had to be careful.

But I was moving around the kitchen busily, and I stepped onto the charger cable without looking. Then that was that.

The laptop bravely blinked a few time, made some groaning noise. I could see it was trying so hard to work, but failed.

My husband is kindly trying to fix it. He managed to keep all the things I wanted to keep from it. Hopefully with new hard disc, it will work again, thanks to him. x

Meanwhile, I am using my kids’ laptop, which was my old laptop. (It got really slow, and my husband put new software with a few programmes for kids) It is a bit awkward, without Office and some other programmes I am use to having.

Anyhow, that is the excuse of not putting any posts for ages.
Well, I made many things during this period, and those post will come one by one, now that I manage to figure out how to use this PC.


This cake was order from a family of my friend. It is for a girl’s Christening, which took place on this Sunday.


Inside is gluten free Victoria sponge with vanilla butter icing and raspberry jam.


I made flower and butterflies as requested. The flower is made of flower paste (gum paste), and butterflies are royal icing pipe out.


I erased the name, but the left initial here to show what kind of writing I used.

I made this style of flower for first time, and quite happy with the result.


I think it was Spring-ly and lovely.
If I had a girl, I’d be happily making so many pink cakes like this. Well, it was a lovely to make such a girly cake for once. (and now, I am going back to making my boy’s world book day costume, with blue and brown.)

Dinosaur Cake – iced version

My boys birthdays are just 10 days apart. Once I made a cake for my big boy (football cake), I started to think about my little one’s cake.

My wee boy became 4 years old this year. He loves dinosaurs, so I made this iced Victoria sponge cake for him to take to his pre-school on his birthday.

P1090975 (640x481)

It’s simple Victoria sponge, with vanilla butter cream and raspberry jam.

P1090976 (640x481)

P1090974 (640x481)

Its decoration is nothing spectacular, but it is easy to cut and share in a busy pre-school.
My wee one told me that all of his friend sang “happy birthday” and his teacher served him a slice first. He seemed rather chuffed with that.

Next post, I’ll put second dinosaur cake which I made for his DINO party.

Football Chocolate Birthday Cake

Time is flying.
My first son lost his first two milk teeth recently, and celebrated his 7th birthday the other day. I cannot believe my wee man is 7 years old, (or rather strangely, I really cannot get my head around to the fact that he gonna be 8 next year. 8 years sounds like a really big boy.)

He usually takes a birthday cake to school to celebrate with his classmate on his birthday. This is the cake I made for him this year.

P1090886 (640x481)

Since he moved to new school last year, he is into anything sporty, especially football. I think the football coach coming to the school every Friday made such a impression on him. He loves watching ‘Match of the day’ (BBC’s football programme, usually on Sat evening, but repeated next day 7:30am!) on Sunday morning. He’d wake us up very early just to make sure he doesn’t miss it.

P1090889 (640x481)

He loved those little plastic footballers, and played with them for ages.

P1090915 (640x481)

He doesn’t have much of sweet tooth, but he loves chocolate. So it has to be a chocolate cake  for him. And he loved it!
I am always looking for a good chocolate sponge recipe for this type of birthday cake, but this one was quite close to what I am looking for. Light, moist enough but not soggy. Easy to cut and handle. Very quick and easy as well.


Chocolate cake was made with recipe of Nigella Lawson’s  Old fashioned chocolate cake. I multiply 1.5 times, and baked in large rectangular oven tray. cut in half to make two layer.

Chocolate butter icing in middle and cover. (which I made up)
Green fondant icing on top.
Royal icing goal and line. Football is made with fondant icing.
Plastic football figures are bought from a cake decoration shop.


P1090892 (640x481)

I received a hand made birthday card from school with a picture of my son blowing candles with his classmates. He looked so happy, and the card will be my treasure.

(Oct 2014)

Baby Girl Cake

I am baking as usual this week, but I don’t seem to have any presentable picture. So I did a bit of looking around for old picture I haven’t put it up.

I made this cake a month a go or so, for new grandparents, our favourite green grocers. Their little veg shop is just around our house, and we go to shop there a few times a week, as we eat lots of veg and fruits. They have been good to us, being very kind to my boys since they were babies.

Then, they became grandparents for first time, for a little baby girl.
It’s was really nice, as many customers were aware that they were waiting for a baby any day soon, and finally the news came one day.

P1070306 (640x481)Simple pink baby girl cake.
It’s Victoria sponge with strawberry jam + butter cream inside.

P1070303 (640x481)

P1070304 (640x481)

Congratulation to L&P for new baby grand-daughter.

And this is what I bring to Fiesta Friday this week. Anyone for more cake?
Happy Friday and weekend, everyone!!

(May 2014)