Classsic ‘Gateau au Chocolat’ with Rum Raisin Ice Cream

I made this cake in winter, and it was sitting on my draft for some time. It is already May, but it is such a wet and cold day today in Belfast, I might as well post this now.

Gâteau au chocolat simply means chocolate cake, probably any chocolate cake. However, somehow in Japan, when you say ‘Gato Shokora (Gateau au Chocolat)’, it means a dark rich simple chocolate cake, usually with crack or dent on top covered with powder sugar, served with whipped cream.


It is very chocolaty and rich but not heavy. Quite grown-up sort of cake.

Gateau au Chocolat

  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: easy
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dark chocolate…..120g
plain flour………….20g
egg york…………..3
caster sugar…….50g
whipping cream…50cc
egg white…………3
cater sugar (for meringue)…50g
icing sugar…. some
1.Chop chocolate into small chunks, and put it in a clean bowl with butter. Melt using double boiler (with water about 50C), or microwave. Do not over heat.
2. Mix cocoa powder and plain flour, sift them together, make sure there is no rumps.
3. Line 18cm round tin with non stick baking paper, and heat oven to 170C
4. Add egg york to melted chocolate&butter (1).
5. Mix 50g of caster sugar, half at time, mixing well after each half.
6. Add whipping cream, and mix till all combined.
7. Make meringue using egg white and sugar (50g).
8. Add small bit of meringue to 6.
9. Then add flour and cocoa mix (2), mix with spatula.
10. Add the rest of meringue and mix with spatula.
11. Put the mixture into the tin, bake in a oven 165C, for 40 minutes or so, till a skewer comes out clean in the middle.  .
12. Remove side lining paper while warm, and leave it to cool.
13. Top with sifted icing sugar, and serve with cream or ice cream.

Gateau au Chocola is often served with whipped cream, as the cake can be crumbly and rich without it.

But I decided to make it a bit special & grown up by serving it with rum raisin ice cream.


Original recipe for rum raisin ice cream is from 

I made the quantity half of original recipe. It looked like this amount was good for ice cream maker I used. And it was plenty for me and my husband.

I have to say, this was the nicest rum raisin ice cream I had for ages. It is worth a try.


It is a May bank holiday weekend in the UK. Yay!
Happy Fiesta Friday!