Fair-trade Chocolate Banana Fudge Cup

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It’s a kind of Chocolate Banoffee Pie, but someone might say I am wrong to call this toffee, so I thought I should be honest.

Yes, it is Chocolate fudge left over from my fudge favour factory.
In the process of making little cubes of fudge, I ended up having so many off cuts of fudge.
We ate it so much at trial process, and we don’t want to eat any more fudge.

But I think those left over fudge can be used for different thing.

It’s UK’s  fair trade fortnight now, and this year’s theme is Banana.
(See the detail here. STICK with FONCHO fairtrade fortnight 2014)

So, here it is, dedicated to FT fortnight, FT banana and FT fudge cup!

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Base is usual digestive + butter mix.
About a couple of handful of Chocolate fudge off cuts were soften in microwave slightly, and mixed with 1 table spoon of double cream. (I could put a bit more, as it was a bit thick when I ate it after being chilled.) it’s just a guess work…
Then pushed sliced banana into fudge mix.
Covered the top with whipped cream. (double cream + whipped cream)

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‘Hip Hip Hooray!’ for fair-trade banana, cocoa and sugar growers!
and Hooray, it is Friday! the end of February!!

(Feb 2013)


Fudge Testing

Testing testing… One Two, One Two….

I am eating many fudges today. Feasting on them.
It’s a fudge fiesta.
(I know I am late again, Fiesta Friday 4 on The Novice Gardener).

I love baking. Cakes and breads are my friends. I also love chocolate.
I have sweet tooth but I’ve never been actual ‘sweets’ person. Candies, caramel, toffee and fudge are all right, but I’ve never been a big fun.

Why am I suddenly eating so many fudge?

P1060868 (640x481)

As on the title, I am testing them.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine asked me if I would do party favours for a charity gala her friend was organising.
She wanted something fair-trade, as we are both keen supporters of fair-trade (that’s how I met her), and the gala is on during UK’s Fairtrade Fortnight (24th Feb to 9th March, everyone!)

She gave me an idea of doing fudges.
Fudge is great because it can be made in batch, and cut up into small pieces to cater for big numbers, and it also keeps well.
Plus, fudge’s main ingredient is sugar, which can be ‘fair-trade’.

So, I decided on doing fudge for the gala. With more thought on ‘fair-trade’ ingredients to showcase variety of fair-trade goods available, I decided that I would do dark chocolate fudge and rum raisin fudge.

Dark chocolate fudge can be made with FT sugar, FT chocolate.

Rum raisin fudge can be made with FT sugar, FT raisin and FT rum!
Oh, it was so exciting to find a bottle of FT rum to use.

I have never made fudge before. I do caramel toffee stuff for caramel shortbread sometimes, and that is how far I have gone with sweet making.

I checked recipe on web.

For Chocolate Fudge, I found a quick version using  condensed milk and another tricky version which use double cream and liquid glucose.

A quick version, from Nigella Lawson’s ‘Nigella Express’.
Chocolate Pistachio Fudge minus Pistachio. Just pure dark fudge.P1060867 (640x481)

I tried this first, and it was certainly tasty, almost addictive. But it was not like fudge or toffee, it was a bit different.

More tricky version from a British chef, Simon Hulstone, on The Great British Chefs website.
Dark Chocolate Fudge
P1060865 (640x481)
This version was so shiny and beautiful, looked a bit more professional than first one I tried. It is less chocolaty (but chocolaty enough), but texture is like toffee and I think it is more acceptable as ‘chocolate fudge’.

Rum raisin fudge was bit more difficult.

I did this recipe with condense milk first.
Rum and raisin fudge (from Woman & Home Magazine)
P1060866 (640x481)
The taste was great, wonderful flavour of rum & raisin.
But I made a gritty fudge.

I don’t think it is due to the recipe, but luck of information  on the recipe.
(Apparently, I shouldn’t start beating fudge till the mixture cool down below 110 C. I think I’ve started mixing it too early.)

Anyway, I didn’t know that gritty fudge was big NO-NO. Luckily I have my husband as a tester. He knows  how fudge tastes like and he can be honest.

I tried different recipe with double cream, just because my chocolate fudge with double cream was great success, and I realised that if I use this type of recipe I can use more FT sugar. (I cannot get FT condensed milk.)

It’s Vanilla Fudge recipe from BBC Good Food Magazine.
I just added same amount of rum & raisin as before, instead of vanilla. And I also used brown sugar instead of caster sugar.

P1060872 (640x481)
It turned out a bit softer than I expected, maybe due to wetness of rum & raisins. But the texture in the mouth was perfect, very tiny sugar crystal and melt in the mouth. I am a bit worry that it might be too soft, but if I make them a few days in advance, it might be fine.

P1060871 (640x481)

It’s just matter of making large batch. My fingers are crossed!


(Feb 2014)